Magic Boutique (Singapore) Dec 09 promotions

Christmas is coming! 🙂 And to celebrate this festive cheer, Magic Boutique (Singapore) is giving away over S$1,800.00 worth of goodies!

Yep, believe your eyes, no magic shop here has been so generous ever. But we’d like to sincerely thank our wonderful customers for your kind, continued support. Please see here for full details.

This on-going promotion is open to everyone and anyone, all you need to do to qualify is to simply spend thirty bucks at Singapore’s #1 online magic shop *grin* Easy-peasy! It’s not rocket science!

Every S$30 spent gives you a chance at winning seriously, so why not? All 12 lucky winners must agree to have their photos published on our website after, but that’s hardly a catch now is it? 😉

And remember, when you support us, you support anti-piracy too! Here at Magic Boutique (Singapore), we only retail original magic products – no imitation knock offs, no pirated copies, no rip-off materials, whatsoever.

Good luck to everyone taking part in our December Christmas promotion!!!

Miss Ning & the Magic Boutique team wishes you a Magical Christmas & a very Happy New Year!


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