Udders ice-cream video

Righty, just before I leave the house, I thought I’d share this video the BFF uploaded of the 4 of us over the weekend, during our ice-cream workshop at Udders 🙂

It’s pretty incomplete because it’s only about the mixing process, without the funny bits after of the freezing process and the even funnier bits on the eating process *wink*

Nonetheless, this is it… the BFF is the roving camera, while yours truly, Nick & Mel do our thing at the table. Enjoy!

Yeah yeah yeaaaah… out of my Magic Babe skin, this girl is still a ham! The BFF giggled when she told me it seemed like I’m some food talkshow host, when the truth is that I’m truly a hazard in the kitchen 😛

Righty, I gotta go. We’ve got a super long day today, with our full illusion show tonight for a private function at the Shangrila hotel in town. The fellas at work were busy overseeing the loading-in of all our huge illusions and props hours ago at mid-night. More on that later 😉

Have a great mid-week Wednesday, y’all!


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