Of ice-cream and bright lights…

It’s been nuts with full rehearsals and booked gigs, besides the necessary evil (mundane paper work in the office) but as promised, here’s some photos from last week…

The NuYou photoshoot at the SPH Magazines studio was fun, as always the hair and make-up people are always a riot to chat with. They tried to do a wind machine effect too, which always dries my eyes but we did get several good shots that day 🙂

Check out Jan 2010’s issue of the Chinese magazine out in a couple of weeks. You’ll find yours truly in the section reviewing Estee Lauder’s latest range of premium skin care products *grin*

Meanwhile, here’s some random pictures from Sunday morning’s ice-cream workshop at Udders 🙂 It was definitely a fun experience, trying my hand out at making my very own ice-cream with just the barest of ingredients and yes… my bare hands! No professional high end machine whatsoever!

The BFF invited me down to her station’s event and I couldn’t say no 😉 So that’s the 938LIVE banner outside Udders at Upper Bukit Timah.

David Yim, owner of Udders, heads the well-attended workshop at his latest outlet. He’s clearly a passionate entrepreneur and I’m certain Udders will continue to grow tremendously as a company.

At the table, Melanie & Nicholas try their hand at making Vanilla ice-cream, while the BFF & I attempt making Coconut ice-cream. The more adventurous lot at the workshop did chocolate ice-cream!

Actually, yours truly did most of the mixing because the BFF was trigger happy, snapping away on her camera. That’s me giving the oblivious woman the evil eye…

This is how ice-cream mix looks like before freezing. The freezing process was also done by hand, using good ole ice and salt to produce a -20 degrees in temperature!

The ever photogenic Melanie Oliveiro like you’ve never seen her before… LOL!

The vanilla and coconut ice-cream we made were pretty awesome, but what we couldn’t wait for really, was the Udders ice-cream buffet later *grin* Besides a wide array of dessert, they also served yummy drinks…

Like their hot chocolate for instance, which was really good and rich. Between us, we shared 2 cups of it and had to exercise complete self  restraint after *sheepish grin* It quite reminded me of the hot cacao at Max Brenners @ The Esplanade, and is certainly value for money 🙂

Needless to say, the scrumptious ice-cream and fresh waffles at Udders were to die for. Slurp! There’s always something for everybody…

As you can see, we’re all very happy chicks… once again mucho kudos to the awesome organizers, it was a great event and everyone went home happy 🙂 I’m quite sure I’ll be trying this out again sometime soon. Who knew that making decent handmade ice-cream wasn’t all that difficult? Heh… right.

Gosh… I think the empty dishes of ice-cream gave us away huh… but it was reeeeeeally good 😛 The BFF & I were definitely on a happy sugar high *grin*

If you pop by Udders, be sure to try their alcoholic range of flavors, if you can. If you’re underage, no worries, there’s still delish stuff you can savor like their Awesomely Chocolate & Hazelnut, and if you’re a durian fan, their rich Mao Shang Wang ice-cream is not to be missed!



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