Cloning Ning using the Clone-Ning machine

Sorry it seems like I’ve been missing in action here on my Facebook & my blog, but trust me, it’s been really busy here and it’s another one of those times where I sure wished I had a cloning machine.

Clone Ning machine, geddit, geddit?


I decided to squeeze in time for a quick update here, before I take a shower and head off to the magic studio. It seems insane but yours truly actually got up at 5:30am this morning to personally manage the orders for Magic Boutique, since we’ll be submitting our bulk order to the States tonight so customers can receive it by the end of the week.

Now, while my main bread and butter is really in performing, this little magic shop business is really just out of passion. Which sometimes runs a bit low when energy wasting bullshit happens. Magic Boutique serves as a place where magicians and hobbyists can get quality products that do not compromise on price and value – you’ll never get anything pirated from us. Ever.

And it’s been my stand all these years, even years before, when Magic Boutique was known as The Little Magic Shop. And that is why our company has been chosen to the sole official Asian reviewer of products from MMS Inc, which is the biggest international suppler of magic products in the world.

I’ve got some interesting promotions in mind for December which we’ll update accordingly tomorrow (Hello, Christmas month!) 🙂

Meanwhile… besides preparing for gigs and doing them, I’ve also found some time to catch a film called Saint Jack at the National Museum. Made here way back in the 1970s, the film was banned for 30 years till now as it featured homosexuality (a little) and prostitution (a lot) in Singapore.

It’s based on an original novel about a Western pimp in exotic Singapore & till recently, it was the only Hollywood film to be shot here. Allegedly the filmmakers had lied to authorities that the movie was called Jack of Hearts, with a totally different synopsis.

Some of the local cast came for the screening and it’s amazing to see these 60, 70 year olds in the flesh… after you’ve seen them so youthful on celluloid! There was plenty of nudity as well, which might have been a reason why the powers that be were uncomfortable about it being screened here back three decades ago 😛

I liked the charismatic lead though, he certainly had a suave 007 sense of style. Here’s a clip the ever-resourceful BFF managed to find from YouTube, which still makes me chuckle. Don’t worry, it’s safe for work… nothing raunchy about it, unless you’re a pompous self-righteous Singaporean who’s easily offended.

The audience were left chuckling aplenty at various points of the film. Mucho kudos to the brilliant folks from the National Museum Singapore who sourced it and screened the film here after the ban was lifted. It definitely made me see Singapore in a different light… so many places looked the same but different.

Being born in the 1980s, I’d never seen Singapore like this. Well, maybe in old picture postcards and books, but it certainly gives it context on how much changes have happened since Saint Jack was made! The DVD is available, so you can always purchase the film if you missed the screen run at the museum.

And earlier on Thursday, I did a photo shoot for SPH Magazines. As some of you know… It’s not my first shoot for NuYou, but absolutely the first where I had to give my take on Estee Lauder products.

They gave me a range of their skin-care range and I love it… I’d definitely recommend Estee Lauder’s range of products to any woman who’s savvy enough to realize it’s an investment. There is a reason why it’s not cheap 😉

J C snapped this during the magazine photo shoot at the studio. As you’d correctly suspected, Bossman, was completely amused that it wasn’t the all-familiar Magic Babe persona at the table… but the Ning he first met many years ago. Simple, no-frills, without make-up, and with straight hair! Hahahaha…

The preppy sweater reminded me of my University days, but all kidding aside, it was a nice experience. Check out the magazine when its Jan 2010 copy hits the stores in a couple of weeks 😉

Read Backstage Business as well, for J C’s hilarious blog post about the photoshoot.

Yes, this photoshoot for NuYou is waaaaaaaaay different from the ones I did for FHM. And speaking about my favorite local lad’s magazine, you may have seen the article on Channel News Asia early last week.

So to celebrate this upgrade, there’s going to be another FHM party this 10 December @ Movida at St James.

Yours truly will be performing a little bit of Deadly Sexy Magic, and come on down for the bash… emailers have already been sent out, but check their magazine & website for details 😉

Also… Ngee Ann Polytechnic will be inducting me into their Hall of Fame come Jan 2010. Yours truly, along with Mediacorp DJs Jean Danker and Justin Ang will be the very first batch of media personalities to be inducted.

It’s truly a huge honor, thank you! It came much like a pleasant surprise, much like when I received the Right Angle Scholarship some years ago when I was a struggling film student in NP!

More on that in a bit, I promise… but truly, Jan 2010 is going to be an exciting time for sure, especially since we’d be performing at St James!

Check out if you haven’t already, and get your tickets now 😉

Last but not least, I just purchased a new violin… much to the teasing of all the fellas at work. So now I’ve got both an electric violin in shocking pink, and a beautiful classical one… both have obvious different personalities and characters, so I’m still considering what to name them.

It has to be something more creative than just “The Red Violin”… but no offense to the film, it’s a great movie and I truly love the soundtrack. Heh. I just have the tendency of naming my stuff.

Oh yes… over the weekend, the BFF managed to drag me  (it was really early on Sunday morning) to an ice-cream making workshop at Udder’s latest outlet at Upper Bukit Timah, and I actually had culinary fun despite my lack of talent in the area.

Okay. To be honest, since I am the girl who’s actually burnt soup before, I was extremely surprised at how decent my hand-made ice-cream tasted! It wasn’t just decent, but it was pretty darn good 😛

With 4 of us at the table, Nicholas, the BFF & Melanie Oliveiro, the owner of Udders Ice-Cream (gentle giant David Yim) taught all of us how to use easily available items to create hand-made ice-cream, sans machines!

There was an ice-cream buffet later and gosh, if you haven’t treated yourself to Udders, you’re definitely depriving yourself of ice-cream euphoria! There were so many heavenly flavors – both alcoholic and non, plus a fantastic array of exotic and local flavors that would leave most of us wanting more.

I really enjoyed Udder’s yummy hazelnut & awesomely chocolate scoops… and Mel loved their mao shang wang ice-cream, which had rich top quality durian bits in it. The BFF picked a wonderful dish of alcoholic treats like tiramisu, orange choc bitters, baileys & bourbon, the works! Nicholas cracked us up when the boy came back to the table, happily licking his spoon. He had a colorful dish of pink strawberry ice-cream and a bright orange scoop of sherbet *grin* Will post pictures and videos in a bit 😉 Stay tuned!

Ta for now, more later…



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2 responses to “Cloning Ning using the Clone-Ning machine

  1. Ade

    I need a clone-ade machine too…… 😛

    Ning jie is the 千变女郎! Sweet gal nxt door, sexy hot smouldering kick-ass babe, fashionista starlet… all of them = ning! *grin*

  2. Ade

    By the way, Boon says she can see the horns… and the deadly sais hiding under the table in your NUYOU photoshoot. 😛

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