Fleeting thoughts on a Monday night…

So I’m sitting here in my living room, finishing up my favorite hot cuppa seasonal toffee nut latte & a yummy slice of date cake from Starbucks, poking at my keyboard as I chill to my favorite tunes from Sade.

It’s been a very crazy day, which ended with me playing my one gal show Deadly Sexy Magic at a packed club in Clarke Quay. The organizer had booked the entire place for a private party for MINDEF (Ministry of Defense, for all you non-Singaporean folks) and I was the main performance highlight.

It was a wicked good show… great crowd, nice venue, wonderful people, and the fiesty host for the evening was the sassy pole dancing emcee Ming, better known in the local event circles as Suzie Wong. That talented veteran can sure do some very awesome stunts on the pole truly!

However, loud dance music and noisy atmospheres aside, it’s truly nice to be able to come back home to my bachelor girl pad for some peace and quiet at the end of the day.

Tossing off my red corset and slipping into something more comfortable at home… Sade really puts me in a nice chill-out mood, and that’s why she’s one of my favorite singers of all time.

Check out some of her awesome stuff, which I found on Youtube 🙂

By Your Side is my ultimate favorite from Sade. It’s a beautiful song, with such meaningful lyrics. Everything about it is magic as it just manages to completely de-stress me after a crazy day at work.

All About Our Love is another wonderful track from the same Sade album, Lovers Rock, which sold over 3.9 million copies just in the US alone. It’s one of my favorite CDs really, it comforts the soul. Sade’s truly one of the most talented musicians I know 🙂

There’s talk that there’s going to be a new CD out by the end of this year, which is 9 years after Sade actually released something new. I’m really looking forward to it, seriously… I’ve been eagerly anticipating it since the news was that it may come out end Nov 09 but there’s still no confirmation on that, so well, I’ll just try to be patient *wry grin*

Meanwhile, do yourself a favor if you’ve yet to explore Sade’s unique brand of music… buy her CDs and chillax to the beautiful grooves. G’nite world 😉 Sweet dreams…


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One response to “Fleeting thoughts on a Monday night…

  1. pam

    thanks for sharing these songs. i love sade’s songs too. soul soothers, they are. 🙂

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