‘Magic Babe’ Ning & Jamie Yeo

Girl on girl action? 😉

That’s me and Jamie Yeo, ESPN celebrity, at a shopping mall gig the other day… she was the host  emceeing the event which yours truly, Magic Babe, was the main entertainment for showtime.

Jamie’s a really fun chick. The girl was giggling about how she wanted to borrow my straightjacket for some bedroom fun, and she took my black leather jacket to model with after, as you can see in the picture above.

It was a fun evening, and we’ve all been very busy with bookings recently. This season is a hectic time but this workaholic likes to keep busy 🙂 I’m completely booked for New Year’s Eve! I was approached to be a judge for an upcoming open magic competition but I turned that down, because of time constraints and I think there are other veterans in magic who’d like to do that better really.

We’ve got a couple of fun projects coming up… customized illusion shows, and brand new illusions to break in as well *grin* It’s gonna be busy busy busy for us all the way! Ta for now, more later…


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One response to “‘Magic Babe’ Ning & Jamie Yeo

  1. jcsum

    Two babes who have vanished on stage during performance with me… Jamie in 2004, Ning since 2007… 😀

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