Children’s Cancer Foundation needs YOU

I’m leaving soon to prep for a stage show later, as I’ll be performing my one gal show Deadly Sexy Magic for a private event tonight. But since I promised to help a friend publicize this, I thought I’d blog about this first, because I’ll be back late.

Some folks may be aware that I first started out performing magic for various charity organizations, CCF being one of the many, as I truly felt for the cause. My passionate long-time contact from the charity, Les, shared that they are currently seeking volunteers to help them raise funds and awareness.

Click here or read on to find out how YOU can help the Children’s Cancer Foundation 🙂

Tulip Hearts Day is an annual event paying tribute to children who are battling courageously against cancer. Tulips signify hope and celebration while Hearts represent the love and generosity of all those who care. CCF aims to communicate hope and love to children with cancer and their families through Tulip Hearts Day….

This year’s message is “Remembering Children with Cancer in Good and Bad Times”

The colourful handmade silk-cocooned tulips are priced $2 each and will be sold island-wide. CCF hopes to raise at least $130,000 and create public awareness of childhood cancer in Singapore.

Tulip Hearts Day aims to inspire the children and their families to keep their fighting spirits up and to show them that there are many people out there who are for them.

Objective of this street sale:-

· To raise awareness of childhood cancer amongst the public, basically the HDB heartlands. · This street sale is NOT about fund-raising as each tulip sale only brings in $2. It is about approaching the public face to face at their “doorstep” about childhood cancer. For a child and families going through the battle against childhood cancer, a life-threatening illness is very stressful. We really need the public to treat our children as normal children and celebrate with us their resilience and precious childhood.

Registration form: as a group of 5 to 10 people)

Event date: 6 Dec (10am to 4pm)(Group leaders may collect items for members who can’t make it at 10am)

Briefing date: 21 Nov Briefing time: 10 am to 11 am OR 1 pm to 2pmBriefing location: 298 Tiong Bahru Road #03-05 Central Plaza Singapore 168730(At least a representative from a group is required to attend the briefing)

For more information, please visit, or send an email to

🙂 You know what to do… contact them ASAP if you can volunteer your time, or otherwise, spread da word!


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