A magical December :)

If you love magic and you’re based here in Singapore, you’d be happy to know that something’s seriously cooking next month at Novena Square 2 🙂

The mall’s organising a magic competition this December 09 which is open to all enthusiasts, and they’ve booked J C & yours truly for a public appearance too.

Click here for more details from the official site, or see their banner below…

I think it’s really neat that Square 2 is having a magic event of sorts, but technically, it’s not the first mall to do such a magic competition.

Some folks may remember that many years ago, when I was still a University student and waaaaay before I joined Concept:Magic, I competed at a similar one at Kovan Heartland Mall.

After going through the grueling auditions, passing through the semi-finals, I found myself 2nd runner up in the magic finals. I’m so not the competitive type, unlike some magicians I know who seriously live for competitions, so it was just for the experience. That’s why in all honestly, it seemed like a fluke to me because I didn’t feel ready or prepared.

You see, being so young and stupid (or brave, depending on how you choose to look back on it) back then, I’d entered the open competition held at the mall on a whim, but then, it did lead me to places in a way.

I met J C later that evening at an event and he’d heard the news, so the man  invited me over to his magic studio to meet the rest of the guys… and well, you all know what happened after *grin*

Anyways, back to the event at Novena Square 2… this magic competition boasts over five grand in prizes, and it’s also a  great avenue for passionate magic enthusiasts to showcase themselves.

If you’ve got a great act, this may just be a good opportunity IMHO, since it is afterall, an event carried out by legit organizers at a proper venue.

My best wishes to those joining. And if you’re interested but slightly afraid, well, remember the adage… A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Good luck! 😉


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