Representing Singapore for IMS 2009 DVD on magic

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I got a phone call from New York.  Over the phone, a cheerful Tony Hassini shared that he’d bought a new kitten since his previous pet passed away.

Now, I’d felt very sorry when we last spoke some weeks ago that his sphinx cat had died of old age, but Tony sounded really happy with his new kitty, which he affectionately named Charles 🙂 It was wholly apt, I felt. After all, everyone knows how regal cats can be *grin*

That aside, the amiable IMS President/ CEO also shared news with me that their international magic DVD set is now ready for sale. So here we go, please check out, the International Magicians Society proudly presents… the “Great Magicians of the World” DVD set!


IMS “Great Magicians of the World” DVD now available!

As you guessed from our Merlin Awards presentation last month, J C & I are both on it – our performances, as well as, teach-ins…We’re representing this little red dot! A host of other high profile magicians with proven track records grace the set, stemming from other countries  around the world.

Singapore was the very last country to be filmed, and the footage includes local attractions here… Tony’s proudly shared that the content looks really good, and I’m taking his word for it 🙂 Buy the DVD set here for just US$75, hurry, it’s limited!

As we chatted over the phone, Tony also shared that there’s gonna be more exciting developments soon, happening in Asia. I just put Tony in touch with Bone Ho, so hopefully the talented Vietnamese magician/ flourisher will be considered for the next batch of IMS Merlin Awards 🙂 It’s such an exciting time for magicians in this part of the world!

If you know any deserving professional magician or illusionist in Asia, with a notable track record or impressive milestones, who you think really deserves a Merlin, please do holler! There’s plans for a TV project happening too, so it’s gonna be super 😉 See J C’s blog for more on that.

Ta for now, more later!



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One response to “Representing Singapore for IMS 2009 DVD on magic

  1. Stephanie

    Yes, there is, Deddy Corbuzier. He’s a famous illusionist based in Indonesia.

    Check him out online. He’s got his own magic show 2 times a week. One show is for competitions.

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