Gustav Klimt’s Der Kuss

So some people have been asking me recently… Ning, what IS that painting on the wall near your kitchenette?

Well, it’s none other than a reproduction of Der Kuss (The Kiss) by Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt. It’s my favorite painting of his, and I dare say it’s his most beautiful work 🙂

the kiss gustav klimt

Der Kuss by Gustav Klimt

My studio apartment’s not very big, so I left most of my personal collections (reproductions of paintings by Botero, Van Gogh, etc.) at my folk’s place and my office. But Klimt’s painting had always caught my eye as something very special, a couple in love.

Marc Chagall’s La Mariée (The Bride) made an appearance in Nottinghill, one of my favorite films, and Julia Robert’s character tells the male protagonist that love’s only complete with a cello playing goat… quirky niceties that makes a memorable line for a movie, but I think Klimt’s painting does it more for me 🙂

La Marie (The Bride) by Marc Chagall

I mean no disrespect of course, but to me, Klimt’s Der Kuss is direct and straight to the point. Marc Chagall’s works always have a dreamlike quality to them, but with this, it’s really about that current moment – as if the lovers are in their own universe, and they really are the center of attention, I mean, the canvas/ frame *grin*

There’s bold love and beauty, and shades of passion surround the couple locked in a tight embrace, entwined into one. Like soulmates, who complete each other.

You feel what the artist wants you to feel immediately, when you take a moment to soak it all in and appreciate Klimt’s sensuous masterpiece. What hits you immediately is the strength of the bond. Unbreakable. Solid. Golden. Glowing.

The original painting is located at Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, in Vienna so maybe most of us may never get to see it with our own eyes …but the colors really pop, as Klimt artfully used oil and golf leaf on canvas, wich would have been very contemporary in his time.

Righty, so much for the art history lesson for today *grin* But seriously, he’s got some really fascinating works that he made in the early 1900s like Danaë & Mulher Sentada, for instance.

Look up Gustav Klimt online before you head to a gallery or library. The artist’s also got a very fascinating life, without any unrealized ambitions 🙂



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2 responses to “Gustav Klimt’s Der Kuss

  1. Lizette

    Hello. I also love “The Kiss” by Klimt; but they were actually not a couple in love. The woman was someone he was in love with, but she never showed interest in him. Also, she was taller than Klimt which is why if you look towards the bottom, she is on her knees and he is shorter. The painting was done without her knowledge and she was upset when he showed it in public and knew it was of her and him kissing.

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