The Via Ferrata experience at Orchard Central

The core team had a good team-building cum active workout today when we tried our hands at rock climbing and wall climbing – at Border X’s Via Ferrata at Orchard Central!

It’s been crazy at work, so a little fun never hurts. We scaled the world’s tallest indoor via ferrata in less than an hour, and the experience was nothing short of awesome *grin*

Check out the pictures below!

Check out the view from the top as Matt & Larry scale the easier path on the left, which has a resting ledge for those who only want to do a climb halfway. Ade, JC & I took on the harder climb path on the right of the steep vertical wall.

That's the 3 of us clowning, despite being tired and sweaty, as we take on the Via Ferrata wall. We're hooked on to each other with a length of rope, and everyone's got their own carribena and lobster claws. Climbing isn't just about brute upper body strength... it's also about planning, and using what you've got, preserving your enegery, and pacing oneself!

Our instructor informed us that though the 300m tall vertical wall is 5 floors here in the mall, it's actually 8 floors of a typical Singapore HDB (housing development board) flat... which makes total sense to me since malls have to be built to look more airy.

I think we all managed to reach the summit after about 45 mins - a pretty decent attempt, since it's everybody's virgin try! Ade was a good top, J C had the tough job being in the middle while I paced at the bottom. All the gear was provided by Border X, these guys think of everything.

What can I say... J C Sum: mega illusionist by night, camera whore by day, strikes a pose for the camera.By the way... The view of everything below when you're at sucha great height, is truly something 🙂

Look ma, no hands! 😉 Right... so that's yours truly vainly hanging off the wall as I near the top. It's been awhile since I perspired so much! Thank goodness I decided to wear my dry-fit gym stuff instead of a cotton tshirt n jeans. You definitely need to wear the right clothes and shoes for this!

The exhausted but happy team glowing after reaching the very top... after going back down, we all tried rock climbing (on the wall's far left) after and it was a different sort of awesome! We'd definitely be back to climb the Via Ferrata at Orchard Central!

That's all of us with the wonderful married couple, Ros & Yu Seung, who manage the business with their team of professional instructors. Passionate active people, they also run Prana, the retail store next to the VF wall. Ros was also a Mediacorp magazine's Vanilla cover girl, that's how we got to know each other!

Obviously, these aren’t the most glam photos taken since we’re all sweaty from the climb, but it was a fab workout that was mighty fun for everyone 🙂 One thing for sure  is that I’ll definitely be back! It’s an experience unlike any other and the instructors were awesome pros.

For more info on the world’s tallest indoor Via Ferrata wall, check out 🙂 Climb it with a friend this weekend!


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