Geeky girl’s latest toy…

A little while ago I was feeling a bit moody, so I decided to do a bit of retail therapy, but me being me, it wasn’t the typical bags and shoes that I bought, but a really beautiful Japanese sword.

I’ll post pictures of it in a bit, but today I wanna showoff my latest baby – a brand new old skool still camera! *grin* Check her out!

My baby in hot pink... ain't she a beaut?

The TLR camera comes in a variety of colors, but the one in pink was the special limited edition one, which comes with a custom-made leather film canister holder 🙂 For more info, see

What’s interesting is that there’s more than one way of shooting film (the standard 35mm type) with this twin-reflex 35mm camera. You can also set it to two different sized squarish formats in 24×24 and 36×36 besides the standard 24×36!

I like the variety the Blackbird provides, which differs from my other beloved old school camera… the classic Lomo LCA+ 🙂 Both cameras have an optional flash and can do multiple exposures, but on this TLR, I can play more on the apertures, shutter speeds, focus, etc… than the point-and-shoot-and-see-what-comes-out Lomo LCA+

*grin* Okay, I’ll stop my tech rant for now… but this geeky girl is truly one very happy duck! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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One response to “Geeky girl’s latest toy…

  1. nat

    i love the colour! great choice.. niceeeeeee.
    BBF cams rock to the max.

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