Cyril: Simply Magic Q&A Contest

Cable network AXN Asia & local magic website RedDotMagic are currently running an online contest to promote popular street magician, Cyril Takayama‘s upcoming show, entitled Simply Magic 🙂

We were personally approached to sponsor prizes, so J C & I provided ten sets of exclusive merchandise and then some. Click here now to find out more about it and take part.

Hurry, this fun contest ends 4 Dec 09, so don’t procrastinate! All you’ve gotta do is to answer some really simple questions pertaining to Cyril’s new TV deal with the cable network.

I’ve always loved the work of this suave French-Japanese magician, who’s best known for his innovative burger-from-wall-poster street magic effect. Prior to his television gigs, Cyril has been performing on stage with his wife for years, doing his skillful manipulation acts with cigarettes, and more.

Check out his creative videos on YouTube, you’ll find lots of good stuff. Based in Japan, the veteran works with an amazing team for sure 🙂 Mucho kudos to him indeed, for elevating the art of magic, to capture the imagination of today’s discerning audience. So fellow magic lovers, do stay tuned for it’s debuts this 19 Nov!


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  1. Rizwan

    u r really a great magician

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