It’s Not About Love

My talented doctor friend with a truly wonderful singing  voice, will be performing at the Esplanade Recital Studio come 10 Jan next year and I want to share with everyone all about it 🙂

Tan Su-Ming, or Su, as I call her, will be doing her solo concert It’s Not About Love and tickets are available for sale now, at SISTIC and I truly think it’s something you shouldn’t miss if you’re  into jazz, bossa nova, and supporting truly gifted local talents!

Priced at only S$20, the tickets IMHO should be priced higher because she’s really good! But she’s doing this for passion, not for bread and butter,so twenty bucks a pop is really a steal for one and a half hours of audio pleasure.

I’ve got a personal copy of Su’s debut CD “You Live Once” and I blogged about it early this year, when it first came out and honestly, the album is nothing short of lovely 🙂

Su sings so well that some local English radio stations have been playing her music as well.

My favorite track on Su’s CD has got to be track #2… her own remake of the bossa nova favorite, Tango, originally by R. Sakamoto, T.  Onuki, and P. Morelenbaum. Her earnest cover of Make It Go Away, which is the last track of her easy-listening CD, also touches the heart.

Jazz lovers would know that the beautiful bossa nova classic Tango is actually in Portuguese, so I’m mighty impressed with Su’s diction too! She did it justice. I have a special appreciation for this because I tried learning Spanish many years before, being so in love with the works of the late Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, and I wanted to read his originals works sans the English translations. It’s SO not an easy language to master!

So, back to Su’s solo concert It’s Not About Love at the Esplanade next Jan… do spread the  word about this talented songbird, and check out the website for more details. Do buy tickets quickly, because seating is limited!

See you at the event! 😉


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  1. I also had a copy after your recommendation…Quite like the album.

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