Architecture origami

A little known fact about me is that I find personal joy in origami and well, simply creating things. Weekends are precious to me because it’s when I unwind from work, and in the precious few hours that I have to myself, I treat myself to the delights that art can provide one’s soul when in solitude.

Not too long ago I personally created magic wallets for close friends, which is basically a nifty flat wallet of sorts that magically teleports an object (like a dollar note/ business card/ etc) from one pocket to the other, without use of sleight of hand.

It gave me joy seeing them amused with the hand-made gift… and no two will ever be the same. Modular origami is also something I love, and I’ve created complicated structures and given them to people. It takes a lot of time, it teaches patience, something which I feel after 20+ years here on this earth, I still need to cultivate with awareness.

Quite recently, I picked up an interesting book on architecture origami, and was so impressed with the possibilities that I also invested in an Olfa professional art knife which accommodates various precision blades that are designed for different specific applications. I know, I can be such a geek somethings…

I’ll post my work once I complete something decent, which I’m personally truly proud of. But meanwhile, here’s a sampling of wonders that other artists have so creatively done, just in case you’ve no clue about what architecture origami really is 🙂

And it’s just done using a decent art knife, good paper, and lotsa patience… X’mas is coming and I’m considering creating something by hand to go along with the greeting cards I’ll be sending out.

Well, we’ll see how it goes, it’s frankly always a crazy balance trying to make time for everything 😛 But for now, it’s the dreamy idealist in me blogging… LOL!

Ta for now, more later…



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4 responses to “Architecture origami

  1. Weili

    Nice! I want one please:)

  2. Weili

    I m bias so it will be gorgoeus no matter what:)

  3. Ade

    The pictures look familiar!!! Did i ever show you the one i did of a camera before? Now so no time to do. Boooboo.

    If the wallets and fun stuff are anything to go by, i’m sure your works will be beautiful. 🙂

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