Victor/Victoria @ Esplanade

Zebra Crossing’s latest show Victor/Victoria starts next week! The musical runs from 9 – 29 Nov @ The Esplanade Theatre, so don’t miss it!

Laura Fygi, renown Dutch jazz singer, stars in this cheeky play which is directed by my talented friend, Loretta Chen.

For their recent interview on Channel News Asia, click here 🙂 And here’s the two feisty babes at a photoshoot…

There’s plenty of reasons why you should watch this delightful version of the famous Broadway musical, which was adapted from the evergreen film, which stars Julie Andrews.

Wonderful sets, fantastic dance sequences, top thespians from around the world, a great quirky storyline, beautiful songs, fabulous directing, great costumes and props, the works! It’s going to be extremely entertaining, I just know it 😉

Tickets for Victor/Victoria are on sale via SISTIC, so purchase  them online or at the booths located islandiwde. There’s on-going promotions as well, so check out the website for details.

See you at the show!


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