Switchbacks @ Sinema Old School

Harry Chew, my long time buddy from film school, will be screening his latest short at Sinema Old School this weekend. Check out the teaser for Switchbacks below 🙂

Some info about the documentary taken off the website:

Three motorcycle fanatics from vastly different Westernised backgrounds challenging the harsh Asian climate, unexpected personal and political setbacks, and ultimately themselves, all in a quest to help the struggling children of Cambodia lift themselves out of poverty.

Thats the premise behind Switchbacks, a new documentary from freelance director and documentary filmmaker Harry Chew, in conjunction with Humaneity Television and The Tiger Foundation.

It chronicles the journey taken by Mark Philpott, president and founder of The Tiger Foundation, to raise more than US$30,000 to build and stock a library at Aknuwat Primary School in Cambodia. He was joined by Paul Mullins, a DHL Senior Vice President and devoted motorcycle rider, and Trevor Thorley, like Paul an ardent motorcycle enthusiast since a young age, inspired to join the team by the very nature of the challenge.

On April 18, the men set off on a winding, often inhospitable journey from Singapore, through Malaysia and Thailand, reaching their final destination in Kampong Thom, Cambodia, on April 25. The ride had its fair share of drama: the riders were initially refused entry to Cambodia and had to leave their bikes in Thailand.

Weve subtitled the documentary Roads that follow a zigzag course on a steep decline, and this basically sums up the uncertainties, difficulties and rewards that awaited us, says Philpott. Its more than just another road trip movie, although it shares the mishaps, laughs and genuine adventure of these films.

To get hold of tickets, log on to http://www.sinema.sg/oldschool The documentary screens this Friday and Saturday evening, and it’s priced at a steal. Do support our local up-and-coming filmmakers!

PS: A lesser known fact is that my friend’s also the director and producer for a best-selling Kama Sutra instructional video *grin* This of course, has absolutely NOTHING to do with Harry’s new film… but it makes interesting trivia anyways 😉

Hurhurhurhur… See you this weekend!


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