Ning the Gaiman girl…

Here’s SOME of the stuff Neil Gaiman (my favorite award-winning English writer) signed for me after our one-on-one interview with him last weekend. He’s back in USA already, but the dashing Englishman’s made hundreds of local fans happy, this Singaporean fan girl too!

I was totally thrilled when dear Mr Gaiman signed my, I mean, his books for me 🙂 Check out some of my favorites…

The BFF got this for me for my birthday this year *beams*

It's a very special book, and now even more so 🙂

The cover of the book... Coraline, which is now playing in cinemas

And what Neil Gaiman did inside... ♥ love it to bits!

My Absolute Sandman series just became more beautiful...

*happy sigh*

You can be sure this won't be up on eBay!

*another happy sigh*

Mr Gaiman so creatively added a candle to the print illustrations *beams*

And here, we have a falling star ♥ The Hollywood film was ok, but the book & graphic novel's waaaaaaaaay better!

The media passes we got for his talk, along with the actual marker he used to sign my Absolute Sandman 4 volumes *grin* Yes, I'm a Gaiman girl!

Yes, the new week has started and I’m still floating on Cloud 9. Meeting Neil himself is like magic, real magic!

I’ve been beaming like a silly giggly schoolgirl the whole day, with the guys at work being slightly amused… but then it’s gonna be a crazy week ahead with show bookings, meetings, the works… so this sweet mood I’m in, sure helps keep me sane!

Ta for now, more later 😉


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One response to “Ning the Gaiman girl…

  1. pam

    *BIG HUG* have a great week at work, BFF! glad you had a good start to the week… time for YOU to start writing too! *wink*

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