Singapore Writers Festival 2009

As you may know, the Singapore Writers Festival has started and just this afternoon, the BFF & I headed over to our friend’s book launch at EarShot Cafe @ the Arts House. I must say that I’m truly proud of my talented friend and his achievements!

Do check out Felix Cheong‘s new book of poetry, entitled Sudden In Youth available at all good bookstores like Kinokuniya & Borders. It’s received very good reviews and it’s certainly something I’d curl up in bed with, with a cuppa hot chocolate on a stormy night…


Felix is a wonderful writer and I’ve always loved his works, especially his love poems… it’s magic on paper, and trust me, I’m a big bad critic when it comes to modern day literature 😉

But hey, don’t just take my word for it! In this week’s I-S magazine, the reviewer writes the following about Felix’s book: “The language is pitch-perfect: Witty, deft and playful…This book is surely going to resonate; if not every piece, at least a line in every piece”

My buddy the local superstar poet looked all dazed after the signing… LOL! I don’t blame the guy, I always feel the same way after meet and greet sessions with J C after performances on stage… they can be quite over-whelming.

Anyways, do check out Felix’s book – IMHO, it’s priced at a steal. I’d personally pay more than double the price for the gems printed on the pages. So go out and get it NOW! 😛

Sorry, it’s really that awesome and I simply can’t stress it enough. It’s truly about the quality of what’s in that, and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Felix and I have been friends for years. Support local talents, please!

Speaking about the on-going Singapore Writers Festival 2009, I’m really THRILLED beyond measure that my all-time fave rock god of modern day literature is here in town! *swoon*

The talented Englishman just did a book signing a couple of hours ago in town, but more importantly, tomorrow he’s giving a solid one hour talk on graphic novels and fantasy PLUS the BFF & I scored a private one-on-one half hour interview with the man before the event.

Yes, it’s none other than… NEIL GAIMAN!

Yes. I have to admit that I’m a total fan girl. The cool exterior I attempt to portray, completely melts into a gushing puddle of girlish giggly adoration for this sexy older talented male specimen who’s a walking modern day muse. And OMG do I sound like a psycho fan, already?!

People who know me would attest that I’ve loved Gaiman’s work for years and years and years & that I own practically almost everything with his name on it – graphic novels, books, films, the works! He was (still is) a big inspiration to me and seriously, the man isn’t a famous award-winning writer for nothing.

Some years back at the British Council, I found myself in the very same room with Mr Gaiman… as  I was playing shutterbug for a friend who was interviewing the dashingly charismatic man for a NUS publication. Such fond memories one never forgets and being such a visual person, I have detailed memories.

Sitting there in his black leather jacket with his soft messy hair which looked so very inviting for hands to reach out and toy with, the handsome Englishman was wonderful, with absolutely no airs about him despite the jetlag and humidity that he had to adjust to.

So I’m totally looking forward to tomorrow’s session when I play official photographer for the BFF when she interviews Mr Gaiman in our private half hour session with him, for her radio station.

Since I got wind of news of him coming to Singapore, I’ve been bugging the BFF non-stop to score an exclusive interview, and I’m practically on cloud 9 now, waiting for tomorrow to come! Woohoo!!!!

We got special media passes for his talk after, so I’d be seeing friends who woke up at unearthly hours to queue for hours on end, just to get limited tickets from the organisers to meet the man after the session.

I know, I know… I’m such a lucky b*tch!!! 😛

Now, if you’ve yet to be acquainted with this bestselling writer’s works, please do yourself a favor and check them out at local bookstores like Borders & kinokuniya which would have a wide selection (and while you’re at it, be sure to buy copies of Felix’s new book too!) *grin* Official website:

Gosh. I don’t know if I’d be able to sleep tonight, I’m so excited!!! For the folks attending tomorrow’s session, well, see ya there! 😉

in this week’s I-S magazine: “The language is pitch-perfect: Witty, deft and playful…This book is surely going to resonate; if not every piece, at least a line in every piece”



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4 responses to “Singapore Writers Festival 2009

  1. pam

    *LOL* your enthusiasm has rubbed off on me, BFF! from knowing next to nothing about this neil gaiman of yours, i’m actually feeling a bit nervous now chatting ‘live’ with him tmr. *bites nails*

    remind me to bring over my trolley luggage for you to put your 4 gigantic, hardcover sandman comics for him to autograph! ;P

  2. jas - YES!

    who killed amanda palmer? 🙂

    • pam

      @ jas: she’s neil gaiman’s gf. :o)
      he shared abt this new 8.5 min film he’s written & is directing w her in it. it’s called “statuesque”. they are always plugging for each other!

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