MagicSeen November 2009 now available :)

It’s been crazy at work and amidst meetings, I’ve had to deal with a bit of weirdness… some strange pervert’s been bugging me with stupid text messages & a stranger who has been trying to mislead people that she’s a local magician working with us.

It was a perplexed & confused close contact who shared this yesterday, and she did the right thing by asking direct, instead of assuming the fibs for fact. Honestly, I’m very confused who this young woman is, because the girl’s not even on my Facebook list. And she makes it sound like we’re very close, which makes me quite uncomfortable.

Perhaps, it’s an unfortunate miscommunication of sorts so I won’t name her here on my blog, but just to set the record straight… the fact is, the only other girl I work very closely with, is Adeline Ng aka Kinetic Gal: Magic Juggler.

And Ade & I… we’ve been close friends for YEARS, to the point that our families know each other 🙂 She’s like a sister to me. And she’s the only other gal who I’d allow to call me that, besides my two actual younger sisters… Hurhurhurhurhur…

Anyways, I’d like to share some good news with everybody *grin*

MagicSeen November 2009 is now available… finally! It was delayed a bit because of the recent USA postal strike. Click on the link above to purchase the PDF download online, or have the magazine shipped to your doorstep!

An enlargement of our magazine cover… which as you can see, the repeating image of an image inside an image inside an image inside an image, is a nod to one of my all-time favorite artists, the extremely talented Leonardo da Vinci!

Layout 1

The main feature is a 10-page exclusive cover story with J C & yours truly, with photos galore in UK’s premiere magic magazine. We’ve the very first Asians to grace the cover of MagicSeen as traditionally it’s always been featuring the top UK pros, with the exception of the prior issue… American illusionist, David Copperfield!

Here’s a sneak peak of our first 2 pages, courtesy of… Mucho kudos to the wonderful lads 🙂

Our interview aside, J C also generously shared one of his illusion plans in the magazine’s MASTERCLASS section. For more information, check out his blog Backstage Business for details 😉

Truly, it’s a great magazine for all magic performers and enthusiasts, so do check out MAGICSEEN magazine… they are on Facebook too!

Ta for now, more later…


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One response to “MagicSeen November 2009 now available :)

  1. Ade


    NING JIE JIE!!! 😛

    Well… maybe soon we’ll have to screen your HP smses from unknown numbers for you too.

    Love the new MagicSeen Magazine cover!! I noticed the infinite picture in picture the first time.. it so reminds me of Da Vinci’s Mirror Room!

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