Mr Magic and the Diva…

Already out in stores, check out the current issue of the popular Chinese weekly entertainment magazine i-Weekly, from Mediacorp Publishing 🙂 Not only is there a smashing feature on J C, the man’s on the cover too!

The featured pictures are a combination of the ones from our recent  St James event on 6 Oct (see my blog posts for full details), as well as, stuff on stage from our Clarke Quay gig… the one year contract that’s now over.

We’re all geared up for our new stint at Singapore’s biggest club, St James, come January 2010. Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions is gonna be bigger and better! If you came for our event last week, you’d been given a teaser of things to come 😉

For J C’s thoughts on his new i-周刊 magazine feature, feel free to read his blog at

A big thank you to kind folks who alerted me about my feature on Diva Asia yesterday as well… it’s a reproduction of my article from The New Paper last weekend, where I invited them into my humble abode for the very first time.

The online news portal, which prides themselves as covering the “classy, quirky, extraordinary”, did a feature on me last year too. Click here to read it on

I think it’s a great idea to have a news portal of sorts for women. Taking a step forward, I wonder if there would be a market for a women’s only newspaper – content directly targeted at this specific consumer group.

As crazy and bold as it may initially sound, I honestly this might just be a success because there wouldn’t be a lack of interested advertisers, good content aside. Today’s modern woman has evolved tremendously anyways.

By the way, here’s something completely random…

Okay, no one’s paying me anything to say this but I just totally love this viral video! It made me laugh out loud because it was simply hilariously wicked – and creative, current, very very hip. I haven’t had time lately to watch television, so I don’t know if there’s a TVC. It’s only online that you can play such a long commercial. Very nicely done!

It’s a very nifty idea from Samsung really, duo LCD camera screens on the front and back, considering how often it is these days that people always take self-taken “zi-pai” (自拍) pictures of themselves.

Besides the video above, check out the one below… apparently, there really is someone on Facebook called Petra Fry. Petrify. Geddit, geddit? Hurhurhurhurhur… Sorry, I’ve always been a Greek mythology geek!

What a hot and sexy modern day Medusa! Hahaha… Enjoy your mid-week Wednesday! 🙂


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