STOMP O9 @ Esplanade Theatre


Woohoo!!! 🙂

As part of our duo birthday celebrations since our birthday are only 4 days apart, the BFF and I treated ourselves to the very best available Esplanade tickets for STOMP 09 over the weekend!

It was electrifying and if you think they’re good on TV, please do yourself a kind favor and catch ’em LIVE because nothing beats that magical experience on stage.

Obvious music genius aside, there’s tons of wicked creativity, candid humor, artistic movement and it’s all very very very physical stuff. Highly commendable really.

I’m so glad we managed to get tickets for the last day of their run at the Esplanade. Initially BFF scored free passes for the opening night of Stomp 09, but that fell on the evening of 6 October… and you know which event she chose to come for 😉

We settled into Max Brenner’s for a cuppa after the show and were later happily shopping at various outlets within the Esplanade mall, when we bumped into Nigel Clarke, the lead performer. The good looking man recognized the BFF at once, since she’d had the STOMP 09 cast over just a little while ago on her radio talkshow.

nigel blake stomp 09

The three of us chatted, took photos, and the friendly performer invited us for drinks after their closing show in the evening. It’s amazing that Nigel’s been doing this for over 10 years, when he was 22. You can tell that they are all very passionate, as they are talented.

Once again, Happy Birthday BFF… Stay bold & beautiful! 😉


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  1. Pam

    thanks so much, BFF! it’s a week-long celebration for us libra girls… and it shall be so, every year. thank you for everything. i feel so, so blessed to have you in my life. *hug*

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