Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions: Razor TV exclusive!

You may have noticed me sharing about my favorite spot at home in yesterday’s copy of The New Paper. If you missed it, you can always read it online 🙂

The hours flew by as I really enjoyed my banter with the very professional reporter. In fact, the newspaper photographer who came down to my apartment, was the very same Mr Nice Guy who covered my extreme escape stunt earlier this year!

Now, I really wanted to sit with a glass of chilled Japanese sake, because it was such a hot day, but they said it’d be product placement… so we had none of that *LOL* So, yep, that’s yours truly barefoot and chilling out at home!


Our feature on Razor TV came out early yesterday as well. It’s a meaty 5-parter in their Razor Pop segment. Crank up your speakers and check out our candid interviews.

The lively reporter and camera crew came down for our recent St James gig on 6 Oct, so our interviews aside, some of our illusions were also showcased. Mr Tony Hassini, CEO/Chairman of the International Magicians Society, was also interviewed after he presented us our Merlin Awards.

Click below to watch the episodes accordingly…

Singaporeans win Magic Oscars (Merlin Awards Pt 1)

Sexy Magic (Merlin Awards Pt 2)

Blood Sweat Sex Magic (Merlin Awards Pt 3)

I’ve got to admit… It was hilarious bantering at some points, and J C’s still full of energy despite the fact that the team started our day really early (0730 hours) and as some of you know, we’d been working hard, non-stop.
The Razor TV interview was in fact, the very last of all the media interviews we had after our showtime & awards presentation, and to be honest, I was feeling pretty zapped! So please forgive me if I wasn’t animated… it was the long nights prior with all the rehearsals and training, besides our on-going show bookings for various events! 😛
Hurhurhurhurhur… This particular part of our thank you speech cracked everyone up and the entire club was laughing loudly! Won’t spoil the fun by telling you why, you should just watch it for yourselves. If you’re not in the know of Singapore news, you may not get it… local pop culture for ya.
Seriously speaking… My Magic Babe persona aside, folks who really know me would share that I’m someone who never takes herself seriously! And this is just one of the goofy moments that showcases it. We actually edited it out for our own official clips, but alas… ahahahahahahah 😛
Righty, it’s an awesome Sunday. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!!!

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