More photos from Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions @ St James, The Boiler Room!

Things haven’t quite settled really, with many long meetings to drive to, very important people to meet… but I find myself in Cloud 9 really. I’m truly thankful for everything and everyone wonderful GOD has blessed me with! 🙂

I’m extremely excited about the new year to come because there are quite a few AMAZING projects we’d be embarking on, and then some come 2010! *grin* I’ll be blogging about them shortly.

But first, as promised, here are the final batch of photos from our recent St James gig cum Merlin Awards presentation 🙂 Mucho kudos to our talented shutterbugs Daryl, Hanlin, Weili & Jeri!

Righty, that’s all there is for photos… A tremendous big thank you to everyone who came down to support our event, as well as, those who couldn’t make it down but sent their regards anyways 🙂 You rock!

My sincerest apologies to those who didn’t get to talk to us as the meet & greet session started very late, as the media interviews went on for much longer than anticipated. We truly do appreciate your support, we’ll definitely be more mindful in future!

Last but not least, mucho kudos to the wonderful people who sent their heartiest congrats – you know who you angels are – (Uncle Bob, no worries on the last minute change of plans, it happens), and the supportive local magicians who made it down from Red Dot Magic & the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115, as well as… my fantastic family & ever-supportive friends! 🙂

I’m just glad that our team’s able to raise the bar here, and we’ll continue working hard at what we do. But I really do hope to see young, up-and-coming magicians who are passionate about what they do, get similar recognition in future. Singapore has lots of local talent, I’m sure!

The video from our Merlin Awards ceremony’s just up… you can watch it on YouTube, or click on the embedded video below.

We’re currently in the process of  putting together performance clips from various illusion acts you’d seen us perform at showtime, so watch out for it coming out very shortly.

Once again,  thank you for sticking with me through this crazy ride… you’re my comfort, during moments of insanity.


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