Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions @ St James in the media

Click on the link to read our Channel News Asia article Touching the World with their Magic online 🙂 Our segment on RAZOR TV is coming out soon, as with J C’s one-on-one interview with popular magazine I-Weekly. Stay tuned for our feature on China TV (Taiwan) too!

Yesterday was pretty darn crazy since we had an in-studio radio interview with Eugene Loh of 938LIVE for his “Passion People” segment. It was a great interview (I so love his deep, sexy voice!) and J C & I recorded one-liners for the station to broadcast during special days like Christmas and New Year, so that was fun!

It was a mad rush after, to make it on time for my exclusive interview with The New Paper. The reporter had contacted me just earlier in the week for the feature, so I made it just in time for the photoshoot and interview at my humble abode. Look out for it coming out this very weekend – grab a copy 😉

That wrapped up in the late afternoon and it was a fun session… the editorial folks were WOWed by my collection of weapons (Japannese sais, katana swords, the works) as well as my IMS Merlin Award, which was standing just right next to the window. The reporter seemed very amused with my collectors edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures tho… Hurhurhurhurhur…

magic babe ning chilling at home

Me chilling at home as I yak to the reporter interviewing me on my sofa…

As you know, Tony Hassini, respected Chairman and CEO of the International Magicians Society, arrived in Singapore on Sunday… J C met up with him in the afternoon, and as for me, well after getting to know him personally, I cannot help but like his infectious charm.

Tony’s a ladies man with pizazz and having been in this industry so long, he had plenty of wonderful stories to tell. He’s been busy traveling the world and filming magic for a magic series to air, so it’s really cool that J C & I will be featured in the final episode!

We picked him up at Clarke Quay Park Hotel (where coincidentally, street magician Cyril Takayama was also staying at… LOL) and the three of us enjoyed a nice dinner, taking some pictures too. Tony got me to sign and autograph his copy of FHM and said he was going to put it up on the IMS wall. LOL!

magic babe ning with tony hassini sexiest man in magic

‘Magic Babe’ Ning & Tony Hassini at Carnivores @ VivoCity

threesome  after dinner

The three of us standing by the bar after a wonderful dinner…

magician with the funkiest hair award tony hassini with magic babe ning

On our way back to the car, we passed a candy store and couldn’t resist having some fun…

Tony  had to pack his bags for his flight back to New York so we brought him back to the hotel, before zipping off to Mediacorp again… this time for our in-studio radio interview with 987FM!

Popular radio DJs Justin Ang & Vernon A had invited us on their show, Muttons to Midnight, and they were simply awesome. J C & I had some special presents for them as well, besides bringing along some magic bits to show them.

We spent a good half hour in the studio with the radio jocks, and they totally loved our Merlin Awards. Off-air, we all joked that mine should have boobs. Before we left, we snapped some pictures together and I left them with a signed autographed framed poster… of  FHM October’s cover girl!

Picture taken using their i-Phone and uploaded on their Facebook… The following few using my Omnia, as J C’s digicam battery was flat…

muttons to midnight 987fm magic babe ning

mediacorp radio 987 justin ang vernon a magic babe ning

987FM radio DJs Justin Ang & Vernon A, with my signed poster, in their studio 🙂 I love the fellas… if you cracked open  a dictionary to check out  the word “FUN”, you’d see their faces on it!

We wrapped up the awesome radio interview and drove back to Clarke Quay to pick up Tony at 10pm to make our way to Changi Airport. There, the three of us shared stories over a cuppa at a cafe in T1 and time just flew.

Incredibly, it was past midnight when our special guest entered the gate, and we waved hard because we were sorry to see him go. It’s a long 23-hour long flight, so we truly appreciated Tony taking the time to fly in from New York just to personally present us our Merlin Awards.

charming ladies man with the winning smile

Tony totally charmed the ladies with his magic and personality…

Time flies when one’s busy or having fun. This was such an example 🙂 There’s still no rest for the team as there’s still so much to do! I’m really thrilled and excited because some exciting opportunities have come up and while 2009 has been a bumper year of sorts, I think 2010 will be even more… BOOMZ 😉

Ta for now, more later… More photos from our Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions gig @ St James to upload and share! *grin*


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