Thank YOU :)

Last night was awesome – truly awesome. Tony Hassini, President of the International Magicians Society, is a very cool dude… smart, world-wisely, and very experienced having traveled the world all over. The animated man’s also got a personality that’s as big as his hair 😉

I was having a short quiet moment of solitude to myself, resting as I perched myself on the edge of the stage, quietly swinging my legs freely like I always do, whenever I allow myself moments of fleeting thoughts since the guys were maneuvering the next illusion to rehearse on the St James stage.

My mind was drifting to news that someone from my team shared with all of us moments ago… which didn’t perplex me, but I was quite honestly, rather disappointed. Only for a beat however, because I do accept the fact that despite age or supposed maturity, people are people. They and aren’t perfect so you should never expect them to be so.

But political small-minded pettiness and jealousy, isn’t healthy at all and I was pondering why I unfortunately got all that from someone I’d looked up to as a trusted friend… when the charming Tony came up to me.

Maybe it was my eyes or something on my face that must have betrayed me, because Tony spoke in a soft voice as if to cheer up a younger person, me. On his own accord, the gentle man talked about professional jealousy from peers and shared that it happens all over. I really appreciated him telling me all that, since he’s had so much more worldly experience than I have had, in my twenty something years here on this planet.

Schadenfreude! The higher you climb, the more people want to try to pull you down. But it’s okay, just stay positive and concentrate on your game. You cannot control what people feel  or choose to think or do, but you can ignore all that negativity and simply continue to do your best and not lose focus. It’s not just show business, but in every other industry as well.

Rehearsals for the show went along okay mostly, though there was a slight issue with the curtains but the AV team from St James were wonderfully professional. I love working with true professionals, they are good at what they do and they have solid pride 🙂 I can’t wait to work with the same team again, come Jan 2010 when we do our stint at the club!

The turnout was amazing and the Marketing Manager of St James shared that they’re most happy and impressed with the packed turnout, considering it’s a Tuesday night. Several celebrities turned up, the who’s who, besides media… and our wonderful families, friends, loved ones, clients, industry partners, supportive fans and peers in the magic scene.

Thank you so much everybody, for your tremendous love and support – not just for last night’s event which saw a sneak preview of our St James stint to come & the Merlin Awards presentation – but for every single thing.

It truly means so much to me 🙂 I just want to continue trying my best to continue putting Singapore on the world magic map, and giving a voice to women in magic. J C & I are glad to be in the position to help Singaporean magicians get recognition for what they do in the future… Dean Wong, for instance, is a young magic talent I truly have high hopes for!

Anyways, I’m rambling… yesterday was pretty crazy and I reached home way past midnight, after  all the various media interviews and meet-and-greet sessions. Last evening was a fabulous experience and I was truly glad to see so many familiar faces. I feel really blessed!

Later today, we’ve got another two in-studio Mediacorp radio interviews with 938LIVE this afternoon at 1:50pm & again with 987 (Muttons to Midnight) at 8:30pm. I also have a newspaper cum photoshoot interview with a SPH newspaper 😉 More on that later!

Meanwhile, check out some pictures (kudos to Angelia, Hanlin, Weili & Vincecarlo Photography) from last evening’s St James event… more to come soon, I promise!

For more pictures, add me on Facebook 🙂 Ta for now, more later!



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2 responses to “Thank YOU :)

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  2. yuanshangcao

    Political small-minded people exist everywhere… just remember there are always still people who loves and supports you! 🙂

    Congrats on the Merlins Award! Love the new illusions!

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