Merlin Awards @ St James tomorrow!

I’m excited about tomorrow night 🙂 October’s my birthday month and so many things are happening!

J C met up with Mr Tony Hassini yesterday after he flew in from New York, and I can’t wait to meet the easy-going President of the International Magicians Society. The sweetheart’s flown in to Singapore to personally present us our Merlin Awards on stage!

You may have read about Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions on TODAY. Click on the link if you don’t have a copy of the newspaper.

Our special event is also listed on TimeOut Singapore magazine & the Straits Times Life! – both online and the print version 🙂

There’s quite a a number of media interviews coming up, but all that aside… I’m glad to be able to represent a woman’s voice in magic.

As we all know, this is such a male dominated industry and inevitably, it has many sexist folks. I’ve encountered some racist people too, being an Asian girl. And nothing’s worse than a racist MCP (male chauvinist pig)! LOL…

Coming from a very humble family background, I honestly think that I have been as fortunate, as I have been hardworking. If not for the wonderful people supporting me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Tomorrow night marks a special notch in my career, but to be honest, my thoughts go back to Gunbileg Batsaikhan, my lovely Mongolian boy who I “adopted” from World Vision.

I’m unable to make arrangements to fly him to Singapore this year, but I do hope to find time soon next year to make my way to Mongolia to visit my playful  eight year old 🙂 Children grow up so fast these days…

Okay, back to rehearsals, I look forward to seeing y’all tomorrow night at St James!


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