Singaporean duo make history!

Besides us both receiving Merlin Awards for “Most Original Illusionist of the Year 2009” & “Most Original Female Illusionist of the Year 2009” from the International Magicians Society, J C & I have another piece of good news to share…


Layout 1

That us – ‘Magic Babe’ Ning & J C Sum – on the cover of MAGICSEEN, UK’s largest magic magazine!

In case you’re unaware, Europe’s premiere magic magazine has traditionally only featured the top European illusionists, with David Copperfield being the very first American to be featured on their cover in the previous issue.

Now, MAGICSEEN’s latest issue coming out next month, has us Singaporean folks on the cover – that’s right. J C & I are the very first illusionists from Asia to be on the popular international trade magazine’s glossy cover!

As you can read from their cover (which they so very graciously rushed for us so we could unveil this in time for our Merlin Awards presentation), this issue of MAGICSEEN will only be available next month. You can purchase the magazine from their website, or choose the download version.

😉 FYI, you’re the very first to find out about this as J C & I will only be officially unveiling this piece of good news come 6 Oct at our St James event, right after our show and IMS Merlin Awards presentation!

Click here for full details 🙂 See you there!


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