The Merlin Awards in Singapore!

the merlin awards

Rehearsals have been quite crazy, with us leaving the magic studio around 11PM every night, except for yesterday… because we started the day at 7:30AM for the Mediacorp Festival, which was a blast!!!

We received quite a few emails from the wonderful folks we met at yesterday’s Mediacorp Festival event, which took place at the swanky Ritz Carlton. I’m really excited about working together with them again 🙂

Back to my show. Well, I’m really looking forward to our Oct 6 gig @ St James, which isn’t too far away *grin* The entire team’s been working hard to make sure that the evening will be nothing short of AWESOME.

Tickets for Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions are limited, so please do come early so you won’t be disappointed. After showtime, and the awards ceremony, we’d be having a meet & greet… so do stick around!

Autographed and personalized copies of FHM Oct ’09 (guess who’s on the cover) are available for sale at  the venue, along with a special magic gift which comes FREE with it. More  on that in a bit 😉

For more info on the event, check out our official website or Facebook events page! Here’s looking forward to seeing you there *grin*

PS: Do  look out for our exclusive newspaper interview about The Merlin Awards on Monday’s copy of TODAY, as well as, our radio interview with Rod Monteirio on 91.3FM later this afternoon!


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