Singaporeans are not Ris takers…

Our home girl who created the iconic words like “Boomz”, “Bigini”, “Rad” and “Zebra prints” has resigned. See Channel News Asia here for details. They reported that leaving Miss World was Ris Low’s personal decision, and the pageant organizers are fully supportive. But seriously, who knows.

I feel very sad for her… the girl’s only 19! She’s no kiddo but that’s still a very young age to get so much flak from people and the media. Her Singlish was one thing (I still find it endearing) but it was a new low when her criminal record on credit card fraud recently came to light.

While people point fingers at her though, shouldn’t the organizers shoulder some responsibility? It is after all, their decision to crown Ris as the new Miss World Singapore and they obviously didn’t do proper or good enough background checks.

Showbiz is tough. People are especially critical of those in the media. I hope this whole fiasco doesn’t break the girl though. I believe in giving people 2nd chances. It is a harsh life lesson to bear but Ris should still continue to pursue her dreams and not give up. It takes courage and conviction because at this point, it’s only too easy to slide into depression and despair.

Take heart Ris, it’s not the end of the world!


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