Rehearsals behind closed doors…

The Concept:Magic team’s been really busy! Intensive rehearsals at the studio usually see us wrapping up at 11PM and despite the air-conditioning, I always find myself hot and sweaty! We definitely need to stock up on chilled drinks, the healthy sugarless kind 😛

Here’s some pictures from earlier…

crystal appearance FHM girl magic babe ning

Crystal Appearance, a modern looking illusion which is one of J C’s innovations… it basically sees yours truly appear inside the locked box from thin air, very magically in a split second 😉

human light tunnel magic babe ning with light sabres

The Human Light Tunnel sees me spearing J C’s locked torso with a funky quad light saber of sorts… Wielding it makes me feel like a funky modern day femme Poseidon!

magic babe ning shadow vision

Shadow Vision is not an easy illusion to perform, but we always love challenging things… it’s very freaky because I basically take my onstage partner apart before attempting to fit him back together again!

magic babe ning 360 sawing

360 Sawing… you probably remember my love/ hate relationship with the illusion (“A thing of terrifying beauty” – Max Maven) which saw me getting deep gashes on my left hand some months ago during our world record rehearsal. The painful accident which saw me being rushed to Gleneagle’s A&E at midnight.

Anyways. If you look closely at the picture, you can see my stripey socks exposed 😉

magic babe ning mattlee

Matt & yours truly cam-whoring next to the pool table in the studio, which is once again strewn with all sorts of things…

magic babe ning larrylum

Larry & I take a break and what you see behind us is basically the mess which is our illusion building workshop area!

magic babe ning jcsum

The performers all sweaty after working our butts off at the end of today’s studio rehearsal… Bossman in his fave Armani Exchange jacket & me in a new tee which has the Queen of Hearts in bling bling!

The day started early for me but it’s been really fruitful and though I’m pretty exhausted, I’m very happy that everything’s going along swell – timely for our upcoming big illusion shows coming up.

SV2 low

Besides, how many girls can actually get away with doing this to their boss? Hurhurhur… I love my job!



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