Deadly Sexy Magic @ F1 PARTY!

I had a gig this evening for the closing night of the much hyped F1 race event, and really had fun 🙂 Yours truly was booked to perform my one-gal stage magic show Deadly Sexy Magic and the guys at work were there as my ever loyal show crew.

Turns out, my buddy Jasmine was one of the event organisers and it was a big team hemming the hearty event. Inevitably of course,the girl was a tad stressed because there was just so much going on to manage, but it was all good.

Traffic was completely horrendous however. I left my apartment early at 8:05pm and only arrived at the venue close to 9pm! There were so many road blocks and closures, so driving was a tad confusing but thankfully, I reached on schedule and my performance was only slated to start after the final lap was over.

Lewis Hamilton (YUMYUM) won the F1 race as expected… he’s practically everyone’s golden boy, I reckon. But this year’s F1 event definitely has a much better slew of international performances, music wise, thanks to Universal 🙂

Besides  iconic acts like No Doubt, Beyonce, Jacky Cheung, and more… there was also DJ Sam Ronson spinning music, with ex Lindsay Lohan playing host. Very, very cool.

Okay, it’s off to bed for me… we’ve got intensive rehearsals for our upcoming magic gigs happening real soon and my day starts early tomorrow. It’s getting busy once again with many gigs lined up for us.

Besides private events for corporate bookings, this 1 Oct also sees the Concept:Magic team busy with our involvement in the annual Mediacorp Festival, and as you already know… the evening of 6 Oct sees us performing Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusion @ St James 🙂

the merlin awards

Be there, or be square!


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