How to gesticulate a titmouse…

We were all playing Articulate the other night at my place, a new board game I picked up on a whim because it looked brilliant, and is pretty similar to Taboo.

It was hilarious fun, considering my mates’ silly antics and our weird sense of humor. We were a total riot, and I hope the lot of us didn’t create too much noise since the walls of my apartment are quite thin.

The 6 of us initially split into 2 groups, right across the table… so that saw Nats, Jas & Kris VS Spanky, me and the BFF. It had its corny moments, which saw us being very creative in communicating & gesticulating because it was a mad race against time.

The 3 of us girls picked a card that read “TITMOUSE” under the Nature theme when we landed on its square but having lived in urban Singapore all our lives, none of us knew what the heck a titmouse was… and it was only much later when we discovered, the animal wasn’t related to Mighty or Mickey.

Say what?

A titmouse is actually a bird. How about that. Well, trivia for you. Now just don’t ask how exactly our team gesticulated the word out in two. Whatever gets the point across, right? Right.

Anyways, to hype up the fun and make things more interesting, we decided to form 3 pairs instead.

Nats aka N1 & Pam the BFF were a team – which I thought was pretty darn formidable since Nats was after all, the Valedictorian of our graduating class & the BFF’s the brainy chick with a Masters degree in psychology.

Spanky & I made another team – the two of the quirkiest girls together, but I have to say, Jas & Kris were definitely my favorite team of the night. They were so darn funny, I found myself gasping for oxygen after fits of laughter.

It was a race between the 3 teams to the finishing point and Articulate’s an interesting game because at some points, you’re given the choice to move forward or delay another team. Spanky & I played nice and bumbled heartily along, doing pretty well because of our chemistry.

The smartypants (Nats & Pam) were pulled back by the competitive “bullying team” consisting of Jas & Kris, but the latter ended up being the last to reach the finish line despite all their efforts, but the pair seriously gave all of us bellyfulls of laughter along the way.

For instance, when they landed in a “nature” themed square and Kris had to describe a whole bunch of things to Jas who was the guesser, and we all laughed our socks off at so many points. For instance:

Kris: *gets a card that reads APPLE* Okay, easy. A what a day keeps the doctor away?

Jas: *very seriously* YES.

All of us: ?!?!?!?!

And another time, again under Nature…

Kris: *gets a card that reads TADPOLE* Okay, before a frog is a frog, it’s a…?

Jas: Prince!

Everyone else: *laughter around the table* TADPOLE!!!!

…I so love them 😛


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