Special cloning machine…

I never did tell you before, but there’s so much more to our beautiful Crystal Metamorphosis prop…

…Meet it’s gorgeous new cousin, a really special cloning device we’ve nicknamed Tesla Redux.

What am I talking about exactly? Well. Think Tesla, from the film ‘THE PRESTIGE’…

top hats

Presto… MAGIC TOP HATS!!! 😉

Oh yes, I know we’ve always said we’re “anti-top hats” because they’re so cliched, so this is the ONLY way we’d use them!

You see, J C & I really love our unique two-persons magic multiplying bottles routine, so recently we developed a funky stage illusion act which magically produces over 50 full-sized top hats from an empty acrylic case after a single black magician’s top hat is dropped into it.

POOF! It’s amazing 😉

Tesla Redux is very, very, very visual… considering how ridiculously tall and spacious the wide see-through case is, plus we all know that magician’s top hats aren’t exactly very small or compressible *wink*

One has to make sure they don’t accidentally fall into the device when picking up all the top hats. Unless of course, you want to get multiplied clones of yourself 😉 Hurhurhurhurhur…

See www.illusionbooks.com for the latest updated catalogue of our original illusions and professional magic books & check out www.magicboutique.sg if you’re looking for magic & novelties!


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