Singaporean guys mostly can’t dance

Okay, so the other night a whole bunch of us girls were having drinks after work when the topic on MEN came up. The local, and, the international. The dishy and the steamy.

Feel free to disagree if you must, but it seems that most Singaporean men can’t reeeeeeeeeeeeally dance. Or don’t know how to. On the dance floor, they’re usually shy or boring (read: safe). If not, it’d be attention grabbing bad dancing.

I’m sure most women would agree with me when I say this candidly, but more often than not, a man’s sexiness (read: prowess) is judged on the dance floor.

So if you’re in a dance club and you’ve got two left feet, well, you probably wouldn’t impress a vast majority of those around with two X-chromosomes.

Which brings across  my point, that there’s always dance lessons – at a school with a professional instructor or in private in the comfort of your livingroom!

I actually came across these cute fellas some years ago on YouTube, and never forgot them. There’s no way really, they’re just so unforgettable 😛 Dance lessons will never be the same again!

Crank up your speakers and check out some of their zany videos…


They also teach you how to do a couple of outrageous MC Hammer dance moves!!! …Can’t touch this…


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