Ris Low speaks good Singlish

There’s been so much flak thrown at Singapore’s latest beauty queen, who’d be representing our country soon in the upcoming Miss World pageant. Ever since Ris Low’s entertaining interview on Razor TV was posted online, people have been talking about it.

Many have criticized her bad English (like there aren’t any zebra prints, it’s actually zebra stripes) and her lack of common knowledge/ fashion sense (i.e. her quirky fashionista advise). Several disturbed and disgruntled Singaporeans have also commented on blogs, forums, newspapers, the works… on how they felt she was completely un-derserving to win the title.

Popular bloggers like Mr Brown, as well as, many radio DJs have also talked about it. Many folks here have even created spoof videos, catchy Ris-Low-BOOMZ raps, ‘guides’ in understanding Ris Low’s interview, and other hilarious bits of things…

Personally, I find her Singlish very endearing. It’s cute, kinda. Especially when she innocently tries to express her now trademark “BOOOMZ!”. Like in Will Smith’s “Boom! Shake shake shake the room!” …But okay, I’ve always been one to never take myself very seriously.

However, I do understand why so many Singaporeans are fussing over the decision to crown her, because Miss Ris Low will be representing our country in an international contest.

…Which we’ve never ever had a chance of being in the top few, ever. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I seriously don’t even remember any of our home girls even making it to the point where they’re even given the chance to do the Q&A!

But yes, yes, yes… it’s all about CONTEXT 😛

She’s Singapore’s official ambassador, the dear girl. Ris Low’s antics and Singlish would’ve been a-okay if she wasn’t representing all of us (how many Singaporeans talk like her, really? Not all of us do!), but having said all that – the fact remains.

Ris Low’s the chosen one. The judges have decided and life goes on. Shouldn’t we just wish the young lady the best?

After all, the organizers have told newspapers that ‘This is a beauty contest where beauty is most important. This is not a test of oratorical speech or debating contest.”

Plus, Singapore’s head secretariat of the speak good english movement also commented to reporters that: “Lots of Singaporeans speak this way. She is not unusual.”

Now… I don’t know her personally, but I think young Miss Low should be extremely proud that she’s made the news headlines and have so very successfully gotten everyone talking, effectively becoming a household name.

It’s to the point that I even noticed a blatant ad newly put up by a local toastmasters club on Facebook, using Ris Low’s name shamelessly… though not very positive, but still. Girl, you’re going down in our history books & there’s already a wikipedia page on you!

Ris Low should capitalize on this and write a book on her experiences or something, after coming back from South Africa. Okay, maybe she can type it in Mandarin and have someone translate it nicely into English.

Oh wait. Better still, she should improve her linguistic skills after the beauty competition and become our new local mascot for the Speak Good English campaign!

Okay, this is just me putting a positive spin on my $0.02… what’s YOUR take? 😛



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5 responses to “Ris Low speaks good Singlish

  1. mang

    I love Singlish. It is a language unto itself and defines us as Singaporean.

    Perhaps Ris should’ve answered the questions in Mandarin – if she’s more fluent in that language. Afterall, the S. American babes do that at these beauty contests.

    Why shd our beauty contestants use only English for the Q&A?

    I do wonder though, about smarts. I’d worry a great deal if our reps at such contests are dimwits. I’m sure Ris isn’t. Unfortunately, when you can’t expresss yourself we’ll, you come across as one.

    Therein lies the rub.

    • Ah Boy

      Coz if she did the interview in Mandarin…the Chinese Media will probably be bombarding her about her Sing-nese???

      I reckon Magic Babe Ning should be Miss Singapore…she’s hot, she’s talented, plus judging from this site, would fare way better in the “language representation” front!

  2. Dear Ning,

    Thanks for your post, and I’ll follow closely on your blog for the update of your life 🙂

    Stay sweet!

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    BB team.

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