Bobby Chinn’s restaurant in Hanoi

On our last night in Hanoi, the BFF & I dined at Bobby Chinn’s 🙂

Situated in Tay Ho, the most expensive district in the city, the restaurant was a fine dining one and we had a fantastic experience!

We were treated like royalty and though we were told by many that Bobby Chinn’s the  most expensive restaurant in the whole of Hanoi, the prices were more than decent but I suppose it is very steep in context of the Vietnamese economy.

The food was amazing… I’ve never met the man personally, but I’m guessing Bobby Chinn’s a complex man judging from how he creates his dishes.

For instance, my main dish was a scrumptious duck confit and it came with black rice, wrapped inside a generous petal of cabbage with sweet raisins and by the gods… it was gooooooooood 🙂

His tiramisu  was just pure heaven, and the portions were very generous. It was perfect for sharing. BFF (who still insists she’s not a Bobby Chinn fan girl) & I were served  complimentary soups and dessert too, a really pleasant surprise!

The portions of his servings were just nice… none of that anorectic catered fine dining bits you’d expect for the price! In fact, I quite suspect the man’s got a sense of humor by the looks of Bobby Chinn’s menu.

There was personality all over it… from cute quirks in various pages, which made us girls giggle. In his dessert menu for instance, the final choice was a hilarious “No thanks, I’m on a diet – US$0.00” option.

In the main menu, there was also a US$5 special which you could have the waiters say “You’re beautiful” all night long, and you even get to bring home an autographed copy of the menu. Our waiter shared that it was a big hit with the regulars apparently… LOL!

After a fantastic dinner & dessert, we proceeded to the cosy lounge downstairs and smoked a melon flavored shisha. It was really good and smooth, much better than what I’ve had in Singapore! The ambience was great and the music made it all perfect.

So yes… If you happen to be in Hanoi, you must try the food for a really sweet gastronomical experience 😉 I’d definitely be back!



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5 responses to “Bobby Chinn’s restaurant in Hanoi

  1. Kanos

    Hey wasn’t Bobby at the restaurant? Been there a few times and he is usually there – a bit of a celebrity in Hanoi!

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