Exploring Hanoi’s Old Quarter…

I’ll be flying to Vietnam tomorrow morning and will only be back in Singapore next week. It’s not a shopping trip and as usual, this free spirit is not signed up with some comfy sightseeing group…

It’s just me, the bare necessities and my Lomo LCA+ camera 🙂

We expect this final quarter of the year to pick up with more gigs both local and overseas, so I decided this is the only time to get away from it all – a much needed requirement for me to hang on to my sanity before I come back to join the team, full force with work.

Hanoi’s old quarter has always intrigued me, the grand old dame that she is… though jaded Vietnamese contacts here who I personally spoke to didn’t seem to care about this crumbling city, which is so rich in history.

I’m looking forward to check out the country’s architecture, given their French influence, having been a colony many years ago. It’s a beautiful queer mix of the Oriental & French… oui.

Oh and there’s also the food, of course *grin*

I suppose it’d be entirely different for me, given that I’d be seeing everything through fresh eyes. A stranger in a paradise.

Will blog soon 😉 But until then, ta for now… more later!


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