iTricks picks up news on DESTINTION X

International magic news portal picked up news on our last mega illusion yesterday 🙂 Click here to read all about it. They’ve also embedded our official video clip of Destination X, our car teleportation which was witnessed by over 16,000 people.

If you haven’t yet seen it, check it out on YouTube and feel free to rate/ comment on our video… you can also view all other vids on the Concept:Magic channel!

Okay, gotta go now… I have a video conference call from overseas coming in shortly, and later I’ve got to rush off for a last-min meeting before heading home for dinner with close friends I’ve invited over. Busy busy busy!

Mr Tony Hassini, Chairman of the International Magicians Society, will be specially flying down from New York to present both J C & yours truly with our individual Merlin Awards forMost Original Illusionist 2009′ & ‘Most Original Female Illusionist 2009′ respectively 🙂

I’m really very thrilled that J C & I are the very first Singapore illusionists to receive this international recognition, as The Merlins are to magic, like what The Oscars are to movies.

This one-off event happens on the evening of 6 Oct ’09 @ St James, so stay tuned for more info… Ta for now, more later!!!


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