Thank YOU :)

Ultimate Magic has finally closed after running a full one year at The Arena @ Clarke Quay 🙂 Our last show was a nice one… with many people taking photos with us after, and plenty also asking J C & I where we’d be off to next *grin*

I mentioned to some folks on Facebook, but for the record, I’ll just say this here on my blog…

We’ve been talking with Mr. Dennis Foo & company of the ST JAMES group, which most of you already know, is the biggest club in Singapore! We’ll be doing some things with them this year and next. Look out for us come this October at their swanky venue 😉 I’m really excited with the slew of things all lined up for us, work-wise.

Professional magic & illusion gigs aside, I’ll also be dabbling in some new movie & TV offers I’ve recently agreed to. Not having an on-going daily performance contract anymore definitely frees up time for me to get my feet wet with such interesting projects.

So yes, while I’m truly thankful for the opportunity in having done Singapore’s first magic attraction which was endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board, Magic Babe is not one to “rest on my laurels”. It’s always about looking ahead and not losing steam in this flighty showbiz industry.

More on those film & TV projects in awhile, but before all that, I’ll be going for a much needed break overseas for a bit. This free spirit needs to break out of our little red dot to rejuvenate my batteries and re-engage my spirit. I need periodic breaks to keep sane, given my hectic schedule so the BFF & I will be heading up to Vietnam in the next couple of days.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet, but we’ve booked our flights & hotel (a quaint old dame) in the Hanoi old quarters and I know I’ll be bringing my Lomo LCA camera, along with my bare travel necessities… nothing better than to pluck myself out of urban Singapore for a bit, to find myself a stranger in (hopefully) paradise.

Before I go, I’d like to leave you with this… our latest official video from the Concept:Magic channel! We just uploaded this on Youtube, check it out – it’s on Destination X – our latest mega illusion where we teleported the new Volkswagen Golf in just 8.5 seconds flat!

Please rate it on YouTube and comment 🙂 Cheers!


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