I so want this…




This. Is. Just. So. Rocking. Awesome.

A Katana Brolly?! SUPER COOL!!!

Pity that they don’t ship this nifty umbrella out to our little red dot 😦 Big boohoo to that! Sigh. Okay, I don’t know if I’d actually take this baby out on a rainy day but it’s definitely a black beauty that I’d proudly show off anyway.

It’s got a sweet samurai sword handle and it comes in a funky sheath-like carry case with a chest strap – like a saya. Makes you just wanna gravity-defy supergel your hair like some Japanese anime character already, doesn’t it? Hmmm. I think J C would fit just right in. Hurhurhurhurhur…

Okay, I guess the thought of getting something funky like this has been pretty darn appealing psychologically BECAUSE recently I’ve been personally bombarded with annoying text messages from total unknown strangers (read: SMS stalkers) who for some weird illogical reason, expect me to be friendly and chummy with them.

All this, despite the obvious glaring fact that I’ve absolutely no idea who they are, or even how they got hold of my mobile phone number.  Sigh.

I’ve no issue with writing messages on Facebook or replying emails, but when mobile phone text messages come flooding in from persistent strangers and they start sounding borderline psycho… it just TOTALLY pissed me off. Seriously. It’s not like I owe them anything even!

While I’m a free spirit who’s generally always approachable and amiable, SMS stalkers really do not amuse me.  There is nothing cheeky or cute about these irritants because they’ve crossed that thick fat line. I usually have a high tolerance for crap but this is way up on my list of pet peeves. Grrrr…

Alrighty, I’m gonna leave for my morning workout at the gym to get my happy AM fix of endorphins, then I’ll probably make myself a cuppa nice hot Zen green tea… Samurai style! 😉

PS: Our final Ultimate Magic gig at The Arena in Clarke Quay plays tomorrow at 4:30pm, so don’t miss our contemporary illusion show which STB has officially listed as our country’s first magic attraction! Gosh. How fast a year flies by!!!


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