A letter to my little boy in Mongolia…

It has been awhile since I wrote to Gunbileg, my ‘adopted’ kiddo from World Vision. I wish I was a better parent… I mean… sponsor 😦 I can’t believe that I actually missed my boy’s 8th birthday. Ugh!!!

I got really caught up with work, and my mental post-it of writing to my little boy and getting his birthday present simply sort of slipped through a crack in my memory, until I received a cute card and photograph from him. It was an “uh-oh” moment for me.

Young Mr Batsaikhan has never looked better. He’s finally in school and now sports a ponytail… which I’m sure is probably the very hip and “in” thing currently in Mongolia right now 😛

Okay, to be totally honest, I’ve always thought ponytails are super dorky on guys, but since he’s my kid, I think it’s the cutest thing alive. Yes, I’m bias!

Anyway. He actually wrote to say that he wanted to be a lama when he grew up. Okay, I’m not actually sure because the handwriting wasn’t very clear and it could have been ‘llama’ instead of ‘lama’.

BFF swears it’s the species of the spitting animal kind because he drew a picture of a bunch of camel looking four legged things. But I think I’m quite right about the ‘dalai lama’ stock because well, the kid is in Mongolia, right? And I’m his sponsor, so I should know him best 😛 😛 😛

I wrote him a short note, urging Gunbileg to study hard because education is so very important. Since he’d drawn such pretty pictures too, I decided to get him an artist set of tools from Faber-Castell… pencils, erasers, glue, markers, crayons, color pencils, the works!

Kids grow up so fast these days and I just thought it’d be something that would come in handy since all he’d need was paper. Or a wall. *sheepish* But anyways, I think kids in Singapore mostly aren’t aware of how very very fortunate they are really… Gunbileg’s community is so poor, they’re just thrilled to enjoy decent water sanitation and the basic necessities that we simply take forgranted.

Anyway, speaking about kids… just the other day, I came across the cutest drawing (seriously) by a little girl for school, which inevitably found its way online 😛

…Oh, and just in case you think Mommy’s a happy dancing stripper on a pole, she isn’t… the little girl’s Mommy merely sells shovels at the DIY store!




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  1. Kenneth

    LOL that’s cute. Yup, kids do grow up fast, that’s why people should take heed of how they grow up and their dreams. So as to give them the means to achieve them in the future, and to instil in them the tenacity to never give up.

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