Destination X in the news…

Check it out 🙂 Watch the breaking news on our car teleportation, as well as, our exclusive interview on RAZOR TV!

Also, our mega illusion was featured in The Straits Times breaking news along with a picture of the massive 16,000+ crowd who witnessed the event. Click here to read the aptly titled “Gone in 8.5 seconds” news report.

Stay tuned to Wednesday’s newspapers, we’ve got a full page ad coming that’s just truly wicked 😉 But meanwhile, here’s more photos from the day!

Part of the  16,000+ strong crowd which gathered for the ‘live’ event…

J C gets random spectators to contribute numbers which come to play later…

We do a tete-a-tete via statelite with yours truly over at the Volkswagen showroom & J C on stage at Raffles Place Park. I write the  given digits fair and square on the side of the car.

The crew stands by the curtain while the witnesses (random folks from the audience, winners of our Facebook contest, winners from SPH STOMP online contest, etc) stand around the all-round curtain which makes sure that nothing can come and nothing can go out.

On screen, I command them to raise the curtain and in seconds, the curtain on screen is dropped to show that I’ve vanished and on stage, the magic is also revealed when J C instructs for the raised curtain on stage to be dropped to show…

Yours truly in the teleported car… an audible gasp from the audience is heard upon the revelation. Sweet!

As the smoke gradually clears out, everyone can see that it’s the very same car, with the same digits written on its side.

We say our thank yous and goodbyes to the overwhelmed crowd of 16,000 who can’t believe their eyes…

J C & I freshen up backstage as the lucky draw for the VW Golf 1.4 TSI is being conducted by our emcee buddy Cyril…

After interviews with RAZOR TV & The Straits Times, we’re ushered over to take photos with the winner of the snazzy set of wheels.

We also take photos with Angelia of SPH Marketing, our client who totally believed in us. It was a joy working with them 🙂

Of course, we can’t forget the all-important sponsor of the event… that’s us with the new GM of Volkswagen.

It was autograph sessions and photo-ops after all that jazz…

And yes, what a day it was for all of us… I’m glad everyone went home happy and satisfied. Everyone had no idea how the teleportation happened since the car appeared in swift seconds and it’s obviously not from below because all four wheels were on blocks 😉 Don’t mess with 1.2 tonnes of steel and rubber, baby!

For more photos, join me on Facebook *grin* Don’t be a stranger!


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One response to “Destination X in the news…

  1. Joanne

    Hi Ning!

    Saw the performance over the weekend, it was AMAZING!!

    Btw, Leon is actually “GM, Sales Singapore” for VW. The new MD of VW is Dr Zeno Kerschbaumer 🙂


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