16,000 Singaporeans @ Destination X!

Our latest mega illusion DESTINATION X was performed to a massive  crowd at Raffles Place Park in the heart of the CBD yesterday. Over 16,000 people witnessed the instant teleportation of the new Volkswagen Golf… that’s right, the yummy 1.4 TSI car which was  the grand prize in the SPH event, ST: A Part of My Life!

Stay tuned to RAZOR TV’s news segment on this coming up early in the week, as well as, our official video on YouTube once we clear our sleep debt! It certainly hasn’t been easy for the whole Concept:Magic team… there’s a  reason why a ‘live’ car teleportation like this has never been attempted in this part of the world. It’s not easy because of the scale, weight, size and other obvious factors!

Mucho kudos to everyone who sent us messages of encouragement and support, as well as, wonderful folks who came down to watch our ‘live’ performance on stage… braving the awful heat, sticky humidity and noisy crowds. Really, your love means so much to us!!!

Stay tuned for our official mega illusion video, but meanwhile, here’s some awesome photos of the day by talented local shutterbugs Chua Weili, Daryl Seah & Goh Hanlin 🙂

It was really packed and the 16,000 strong crowd looked like tiny ants to me, from where I was on stage later…

J C talks to me on stage via statelite as I’m with the car to be teleported, at the Volkswagen showroom in Alexandra Road. Witnesses see me on the plasma screen on stage, as well as the giant LCD screens on the facade of OUB Centre and Chevron House.

3 random spectators give random numbers which are added up to form a random 4 digit number added up by the STOMP contest winner, which is then communicated to me. Witnesses see me scribble 6912 on the side of the lovely red Volkwagen Golf 1.4 TSI.  And once that is done, the teleportation progress begins…

J C hollers for the curtain to be raised, and the folks on stage (STOMP winners, Facebook winners, and our crew) lift it up… within mere seconds, it is dropped and where there was once empty space, is now parked… yours truly and the delicious VW Golf!

An audible “Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” is heard from the audience when they realize the heavy continental car has been teleported on four solid blocks on stage, on top of the huge X marked out on the stage. MAGIC!

After the lucky winner is drawn, J C & I are interviewed by both reporters from The Straits Times & RAZOR TV.

The folks from SPH request for J C  & I to take some photos with the lucky winner of the car, and on my way over, I see some familiar faces… *grin*

The man everyone probably wished to be at that moment… the proud winner of the brand new VW Golf 1.4 TSI! Having spent so much time with the car, I really must admit that it’s a real beaut…

We also take photos with the new GM of Volkswagen Singapore Group, as well as, Angelia of SPH Marketing… it’s been a blast working with them 🙂

After that, security ushers us to a nicely set up table in front of the stage… the autograph signing session begins!

Once again, many thanks to everyone who came down to support us… and of course, mucho kudos to those who have helped us in any way *grin* I’m really relieved that this complex mega illusion was successfully executed, because such big ‘live’ events definitely aren’t easy peasy with so many things that could possibly go wrong!

PS: FYI the number written on side of the teleported car was 6912, and this evening’s 4D winning lottery number was 6129! *amused* Gee, talk about uncanny…


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