Imagine dying slowly inside a 500-degree oven

“It was just a joke.” – Cheyenne Cherry, murderer.


I couldn’t believe my eyes after reading what this horrible woman did to her ex-roommate’s kitten. Cheyenne Cherry and a friend from the Bronx had broken into the poor girl’s apartment and trashed the place – ripping furniture, throwing bleach chemicals on the walls, smashing the place up and robbing her of things. And worst of it all, killed her cat in cold blood.

Tiger Lily, Valerie Hernandez’s hapless kitten, was tossed into the stove and shut inside the oven which Cherry gleefully switched on. Inevitably, the poor animal was burnt to a crisp and the atrociousness only discovered when neighbours called authorities because of the smell. Imagine the anguish and pain Valerie must have felt, when firefighters removed Tiger Lily’s completely charred remains.

When caught, Cherry merely waved it all off as “a joke” and that she “hates cats”. What a brat. This woman is a cruel animal abuser, and should so totally roast in hell 😦 What disrespect for living beings!

IMHO, animal killers are just as bad as human murderers. It’s really awful how they can simply take a life like that, without compassion, without consequence. It’s almost as if they’ve no understanding of love, and they think of everything as trifle. They aren’t humans, they’re zombies.

Besides all that, Cherry’s robbed others before. She’s robbed a man at knife-point for his iPod, and also snatched a dog from a woman after pointing a gun to her head. She had her friends return the dog after “finding it” in return for a US$500 reward the distraught owner put up.

I hope she wakes up to the harsh realities of life after her probation/ jail time, and really changes for the better, before her cruel ways trips her up to the point of no return. Sigh… RIP, Tiger Lily!


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