DESTINATION X: The Car Teleportation – Mega Illusion!

Tadaaaaah… thus it is finally revealed, our latest mega illusion yet! *grin*

Check out my onstage partner’s blog J C Sum: Backstage Business for the explanation of the various clues, which were given prior for “Project 164” 😉

Come this 22 August 2009, J C & I will be presenting this grand one-off spectacular for Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)’s 164th anniversary of The Straits Times, our country’s national paper!

Congrats to the lucky winner who guessed it correctly, on our Faceboook “Project 164: Guess & Win” page! But hey, if you didn’t win, don’t be disheartened – we’ve got a brand new contest happening right here.

This exciting new contest we’re throwing is completely free and open to the public – anyone who will be in Singapore this 22 Aug 09 – can stand to win themselves a sweeeeeeeeeeet spot as a close-up witness on stage, to see the car teleportation happen right before your very eyes 😉

That’s right… up close and personal, baby! There are some things money can’t buy and this is one of it *wink* So do join us now by clicking the link above. And don’t worry, as always, it’s free and there’s absolutely no strings attached… though maybe if you’re cute I’d let you give me a foot rub.

Just kidding 😛 I’m actually really ticklish.

Anyways, for full information on our latest mega illusion DESTINATION X: The Car Teleportation, check out

Volkswagen actually approached us with this zany suggestion about two years back, in 2007. I’m just glad that this crazy idea is finally going to be a reality. As you know, this has NEVER BEEN ATTEMPTED yet in this side of the world!

Seriously… imagine 1.4 tonnes of steel and rubber, teleported across in just 8.5 seconds! Objectively, buff stud muffins pushing a sturdy Continental car like the gorgeous Golf 1.4 TSI would take much longer than just a couple of wee seconds to actually push it over 😉

Stay tuned to the newspapers soon for the whole series of The Straits Times “A Part of My Life” ads featuring us, as well as, clues pointing to the mysterious venue that this special event (free for all, open to the public) will happen come 22 August 2009!

Be there, or be [  ]


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