Hor-medy = Horror Comedy

We were invited to the gala premiere of Jack’s new film, 吓到笑 aka Where Got Ghost, at Golden Village VivoCity earlier in the week. It was a really crowded reception but a dozen of people came up to us when they recognised J C & yours truly. The entire cast made it to the red carpet event.

I’m sure Singaporeans would enjoy this nicely done hor-medy, which is essentially a typical Jack Neo winner with 3 short stories in the feature length film involving ghosts on the roadside, army jungle camps, and of course… the home!

The crowd pleaser opens in local theatres next Thursday but you can find out more about Jack’s very first horror comedy from his website itself.

I’m very impressed with Jack and his J Team’s accomplishments… as a filmmaker, he’s certainly came a long way ever since his old Mediacorp Channel 8 Liang PoPo days with Moses Lim! This new movie screens in Malaysia next month too, and i’m sure it’ll fare quite nicely.

See the 吓到笑 / Where Got Ghost movie trailer here.


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One response to “Hor-medy = Horror Comedy

  1. BeMyAngel

    HAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa. Hor-medy! I’m sure this new word will be listed in the dictionary soon! LOL!

    i like jack neo’s movies! shall definitely try to catch his hor-medy. 😀

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