Dream Academy’s Sing Dollar @ The Esplanade

I caught the local play over the weekend and despite media reviews that it wasn’t very good, I thought Sing Dollar was nothing short of fantastic 🙂 Perhaps the team had ironed out the earlier kinks because I really enjoyed the stellar production.

It had a very simple, comprehensible storyline hemmed by a fabulous cast of stage thespians (all veterans except for Najip Ali in his first theater role… but the man was fantastic) with awesome stage props, wicked dance numbers, clever songs, and more.

Me being me, I appreciated the clever staging because I’d taken a module on set design before and it really isn’t as easy as one may think. These talented folks don’t get enough credit for their work! Sing Dollar had really good set design – the staging, the props, backdrops, sliding LED panels, beautifully crafted “temple stone” dragon columns, bright signboards ala Geylang, the works.

What I loved about Sing Dollar was the artistic pride they had to make it relevant for the audience. Quips that you can’t see on television, radio and print (for obvious reasons) made their way on the Esplanade stage… on Ho Ching, TT Durai, everyone’s favorite Renci monk and more.

There was a thrilling Michael Jackson song & dance segment  in the 2nd half too which really makes you realise Singapore’s got talent. Of course it’s hilarious seeing Hossan do a pretty decent MJ (don’t snigger – the man can really dance), famous comedian Kumar do a TT Durai and our very own Broadway Beng do a very lovable Venerable Shi Ming Yi, who can do the moonwalk while in robes. Hurhurhurhurhur…

I’m not even sure if this was already scripted in originally because Michael Jackson only passed away in late June and preps for the stage production must have had already started by then, since Sing Dollar began its first show on 23 July. Anyway, that MJ segment was very nicely done… along with Najip’s washer woman solo, which was like dynamite. Mucho kudos!

A particular song sung by Lim Kay Siu, Hossan Leong & Sebastian Tan in English, interwoven by Emma Yong in Manadarin, was extremely beautiful. I just love how a tool so simple can be used to portray a big change in plot in just like that – when all characters are in silos but come together as such. It instinctively made me think of RENT, the very first musical I saw on stage, when I was a little girl.

Pamela Oei’s pinoy accent’s stronger than my maid’s and that spunky girl can really sing 🙂 Selena Tan, the leader of the pack, is just brillant at what she does I think. Writing aside, it’s not easy to do what she does – I mean, squeezed into a tight Tiger Beer aunty outfit for 2.5 hours?!

Costumes from hell are not funny really… I identify with her because my on-going illusion show Utimate Magic is only an hour long but just before we do curtain call, I’m always pretty much out of breath from wearing that #$%&^ tighttightight red Magic Babe corset 😛

Truth, I swear.

Anyways, Dream Academy’s Sing Dollar plays till this weekend so do get your tickets while you still can from SISTIC. They’re priced at S$98 and below. Trust me – It’s 2.5 hours you’d be happy to spend because you’d be laughing and chuckling most of the time 😉



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2 responses to “Dream Academy’s Sing Dollar @ The Esplanade

  1. ben67

    If the end result is like magic babe, costumes from hell are worth everyyyy single bit of the pain me thinks. My friend still couldn’t stop swooning over you WEEKS after watching ultimate magic. truth, i swear.

  2. tyh123

    nice review. i’d love to catch a good local production soon! once i save enough money.

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