Sad movies always make me cry…

I’ve always wanted to watch Yasmin Ahmad’s films as I’ve read how critically acclaimed they have been, sweeping festival awards overseas and essentially being big favorites.

It’s strange that while most of her work is available in Malaysia, it was mostly in VCD and not DVD format. BFF managed to get hold of Sepet, the very first in the Orked trilogy (with Gubra being the 2nd and Mukhsin the last) and I must say that it was very nicely done.

The beautiful film about the tender love between a Chinese boy and a Malay girl in modern day Malaysia had English subtitles as it had a mix of Malay, Mandarin and dialects. It highlighted social and racial difficulties they had, with hints about their Government’s bias for places in University when it came to their Malay VS Chinese students, amongst other things.

This “forbidden love” theme reminds me of the tragic love story in Ang Lee’s film, Brokeback Mountain, a sad sad saaaaad movie that never fails me turn me into a sobbing heap everytime I watch it.

The opening sequence of Sepet reminded me of one of my favorite films, Juno, too. The storyline is one of a simple 3 act structure… nicely done with cheeky bits of humor, which I’ve come to realise, is so Yasmin Ahmad 🙂

I realized someone’s uploaded the  entire movie on YouTube but if you can, you should get the original film. Meanwhile, check out the official trailer for the film by Malaysia’s most loved filmmaker…

PS: If anyone can tell me where I can find the original DVDs for her trilogy complete with English subtitles, that would be really awesome… thanks!!!



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2 responses to “Sad movies always make me cry…

  1. Pam

    i hate it when love ends tragically, esp when 2 people truly love each other. *sob* i hear her films are only in vcd, not dvd. as for muallaf, shld be able to get here.

  2. NewToMagic

    i like the commercials she made. didn’t know that she had so many films too. sad movies make me cry too.

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