NEW CONTEST: What is “Project 164”?

Congrats to the lucky winners from our previous online contest – the response we received was nothing short of was excellent and I’m sure the 600+ people involved had lotsa FUN *grin*I didn’t expect it to be sucha hit.

Anyways, results have already been published on the Facebook page and all winners contacted, but that’s not the end of that. Because!

J C & I have a new contest on Facebook right now – click here to find out all about it. All you have to do, is guess what is this secretive “Project 164” and WIN! Easy peasy!

You’ve seen the pictures from our “Project 164” photoshoot on my blog last week, so join our Facebook event page now for the clues in this funfunfun game! Be quick however, while it’s open to everyone worldwide, this contest ends on Wednesday – so don’t miss it!

A personal clue from yours truly about this incredible mega illusion that happens in a couple of weeks (yes, we’ve been really BUSY with all the preps) is this:

X marks the spot

😉 Good luck!



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4 responses to “NEW CONTEST: What is “Project 164”?

  1. uknowmenot

    just saw the new clues and stuff on jc’s blog. i think i know what it is! finally! very cool contest you have. 🙂

  2. giheng

    nice! reminds me of x-files you know… x marks the spot.

    ‘The truth is out there!’ (The answer is out there?)

  3. NewToMagic

    i made my guess on your facebook page. whatever it is, it’s sure to be iconic i think!

    hope i win!

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